The future of social media?

I think (and secretly hope) that maybe, just maybe, social media could be dead in 10 years.

If it faces a different fate, however, I’m fairly certain that it will at least be a mere shadow of its current self. Those of us that were around in its heyday will not only no longer recognize it, but will want nothing to do with it anymore.

Having joined both Facebook and Twitter before either was terribly popular, I can tell you that I am so over them.

A future I can see is that brands will almost completely take over the social media universe, transforming it into yet another way to sell, sell, sell.

This, of course, is already going on, but I’m envisioning a world where every tweet is sponsored, every Instagram has a product featured, every Facebook post is an ad.

When forced to choose between the social media I’m beginning to dislike now and such a terrifying hypothetical future, I’ll take the present.