Corportate blogs, worth my time?

I should start out by saying, yes, they probably are good to read and I should maybe be doing it.

But I cannot think of a single way a brand could get me to be so interested that I would check out their blog every single day, unless they were my client.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. But you know what, I like to live transparently. So there.

Blogs have to be crazy entertaining for me to read them once a week, so I can’t imagine what they’d have to do to get me to read them every day. In fact, the only true blog that I really follow is called Cake Wrecks and is just a collection of hideous store-made cakes with hilarious commentary. You should really check them out.

Anyway, maybe it’s my ENFP personality, or maybe it’s my young age, but I find reading long blog posts to be, on the whole, mundane. Just because you, as a representative of your company, find something that they did to be interesting, honestly doesn’t mean that more than a select few fanatics will agree with you. Because they probably won’t. In this age of instant gratification and short attention spans, you’ve got to hook us with something pretty wild and maintain that same energy to get us to read what you’ve got to say. Because otherwise, I’ll just switch over to Huff Post or CNN or BuzzFeed, something that’ll give me the information I need in a voice I want to read.

Maybe if you cracked jokes and had puppies, narwhals, a crazy cool manicure, a ridiculous DIY and some slow lorises, I would pay attention.

Like I said, just being honest.