It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve missed writing. Like, a lot. Ever since I finished portfolio school and started my very first Big Girl Job (aka, full-time), I’ve been too drained to do a thing other than snuggle into my boyfriend’s face once I get home.

But that’s no excuse, especially when writing is the thing that helps you relieve all of the pent-up stress and passive aggressive anger toward inconsiderate clients that you somehow let ruin your day, despite the fact that most people are actually really nice and truly appreciate your help.

Wait, what?

Anyway, pinning my fantasy crafts and abodes and meals can only provide so much solace.

And I’m in extra need of solace now that a part of myself is missing.

Tragically, this past Wednesday, I had my beloved appendix removed. If you’ve ever had appendicitis, you’ll be able to sympathize with the incomprehensible pain I was experiencing. Seriously, I was actually at the point where I would have rather died than lived with the pain. And I’ve got a lot of really wonderful things to live for, so that’s saying something. The pain actually subsided, though, as I was awaiting my CT Scan. I texted my mom, a nurse, to tell her this and mused that maybe I was just a little hungry and drinking my delicious contrast of barium and Hawaiian Punch had relieved some of the pain. She told everyone that she would have killed me. I believe her.

But it turns out that it was appendicitis and the surgery was successful. And here is a stunning photo of me in the finest hospital couture. The end.



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