Important things

So this blog is the product of a seriously awesome course I’m wrapping up at Chicago Portfolio School. I’ve always considered myself a gifted writer, but everyone’s got room to improve, amiright?

One area that I knew I struggled with and was anxious to grow in was my writing for social media (also the name of the course, go figure). I previously interned for a young dog treat company (the company was young; they don’t discriminate against dogs of any age, breed or fur color), where I was a copywriter. Surprisingly, and in retrospect, thankfully, I wasn’t really asked to write anything for their social media pages. I say “thankfully” because a few months later, I realized how much I sucked at writing for brands.

As a favor for a friend of my sister’s best friend’s mom (what?), and to bolster my own experience, I took on the task of managing the Twitter and Pinterest pages for a new cosmetic product/brand. The owner really wanted more people to know about her flippin’ sweet product and social media is obviously the cheapest and seemingly easiest way to do so. Except that it’s totally not easy.

Thank God and sweet baby Jesus for this class. It sounds obvious, but I feel that my writing will have changed the most simply in that I now know the various formulas and unwritten rules for promoting a brand through media such as Facebook and Twitter, the two with which I struggled the most. I look forward to (in the sense that I’m glad I have them available to me) reviewing our class PowerPoints over and over until I’m able to find what really works for me and whatever brand I may be assigned to. Ok, but I need a job first so hire me?


Uncovering Secret

First of all, my apologies to those of you that don’t follow my other blog.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about deodorant.

Deodorant is such an awkward product, especially when you’re trying to introduce it to preteens that have hit that point where they should really consider becoming best friends with it. Marketing it to these girls can be clunky and insincere, but I do believe that there are two brands that are doing it well: Ban and Secret. I’m going to discuss the latter.

They don’t approach deodorant the same way that we do (which, at least in my case, is, “AGH, IF I DON’T SLATHER THIS ON MY ARMPITS I’M GOING TO SMELL LIKE A STABLE ALL DAY AND I WON’T BE ABLE TO LIFT MY ARMS AND NOBODY WILL WANT TO COME NEAR ME AND I’LL HAVE NO FRIENDS.” Hoping I’m not alone in that.) Instead, they bring a sense of grace, with no hint of embarrassment. They’re here to help you, with “48 hours of odor protection.” This calm product description, in conjunction with their soft, powdery blue packaging and website evokes a sense of trust. Like, you’ve got my back, Secret; you get me.

They feel like so much more than a toiletries brand. Their “Sweat Help 101” web page and well-known and lauded “Gang Up for Good” (“Mean Stinks”) anti-bullying campaign let you know that they’re going to do what they can to make your life better. They’re kind of like that female relative that knows everything but isn’t totally obnoxious about it and that you know is only telling you because she cares about your well-being.

And that is absolutely what I want in my deodorant. I wanna be able to trust that puppy as much as I do my boyfriend.